Designing Green Cities lecture series

This lecture series offers designerly perspectives on greening cities and bridges theory and practice in landscape architecture, urban design, urban forestry and urban ecology. The series addresses the integrative and exploratory capacities of design through illuminating discourses that take the landscape as basis to create healthy, climate proof and socio-ecologically inclusive cities. Speakers from practice…

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Excursion Belgium April 2022 ‚Äď Hellend Vlak van Ronqui√®res & Brussels

Hellend Vlak van Ronqui√®res By Susie & Heather Background of the project Hellend vlak van Ronqui√®res is an inclined plane working like a boat lift on the Charleroi-Brussels Canal near the village of Ronqui√®res. Completed in April 1968, it bridges the height difference of 68m in the Hainaut Plateau. The ships are lifted by two…

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Excursion Belgium April 2022 ‚Äď Remembrance Park Ypres

By Vivian & Xinyu What we like about this project The planting of grouped elms at the entrance of the park creates the memorial atmosphere which is totally different from the outside suburban environment. It grabbed visitors‚Äô attention immediately in order to make everyone immerse. The symbolic signs along the route are composed with paved…

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