Crisis & Hope. Landscape as Possibility

Starting from November 18, a series of videoconferences will be held live from the section of Landscape Architecture over the coming fall and spring semesters in the context of the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the LA MSc-track.The 2020-21 series will call an international panel to elaborate on the topic “Crisis & Hope. Landscape as possibility.” First guests include: Gareth…

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Symposium Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture

On Thursday, November 8, the Dutch School of Landscape Architecture (DSL) organizes the symposium ‘Crossing Borders in Landscape Architecture’ in Berlage/TU Delft on the meaning of internationalisation for the field of landscape architecture. What does internationalisation mean for practice and competences of (future) landscape architects who work abroad and vice versa? Like all DSL-events, all…

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Transformation in Composition – PhD Defense René van der Velde 12 June 2018

Associate professor René van der Velde is finalizing his doctoral dissertation, with a public defense on the 12th of June 2018. 14:30 Layman’s Speech 15:00 Defense Location: Delft University of Technology, Senaatszaal Aula, Mekelweg 5 Dissertation title: Transformation in Composition: Ecdysis of Landscape Architecture through the Brownfield Park Project 1975-2015 Promotors: Prof. ir. D. F.…

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