22nd March 2012, Delft

Welcome to the colloquium Exploring the Visual Landscape!

Exploring the Visual Landscape aims to provide a platform for visual landscape research, an interdisciplinary approach that combines (1) landscape planning, design and management concepts, (2) landscape perception approaches, and (3) Geographic Information Science (GISc)-based methods and techniques.

During this colloquium renowned scholars and young talented researchers will address theory, methodology and application of visual landscape research in the rural and urban realm. The various contributions provide a wide range of insights into: the psychological background of landscape perception, the technical considerations of geomatics, and methodology in landscape architecture, urban planning and design. Furthermore some speakers will discuss applications in the practice of landscape policy making.

We hope that this colloquium will stimulate the dialogue and cooperation in visual landscape research via development of the field, discussion and publications.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful colloquium.

The organizers,

Steffen Nijhuis
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture,
Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology

Ron van Lammeren
Associate Professor of Geo-Information Science,
Centre for Geo-Information, Wageningen University


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Welcome; Machiel van Dorst (Chairman Department of Urbanism, Delft University) & introduction and outline; Steffen Nijhuis (Delft University)

Session 1: Landscape perception

Visual landscape indicators and landscape preference; Mari Sundli Tveit (Norwegian University)

Psychology of the Landscape; Maarten Jacobs (Wageningen University)

The phenomenological experience of the visual landscape; Ana Moya Pellitero (ISMAT)

Session 2 Research, planning and design I

Perception in landscape research, planning and design; Prof. Marc Antrop (Ghent University)

Visual research in landscape architecture; Steffen Nijhuis (Delft University)

Mapping landscape attractiveness; Sjerp de Vries (Alterra)

The one- and two-dimensional isovist analysis in Space Syntax; Akkelies van Nes (Delft University)

Session 3 Research, planning and design II

Eye tracking in landscape perception research; Prof. Veerle van Eetvelde (Ghent University)

Mapping landscape openness with Isovists; Gerd Weitkamp (Groningen University)

3D-isovists in urban research and design; Egbert Stolk (Delft University)

Virtual Historical Landscapes; Arnoud de Boer (Utrecht University)

Session 4 Applications

Geomatics in physiognomic research; Ron van Lammeren (Wageningen University)

Preserving panoramic views along motorways through policy; Manon van Middelkoop & Marnix Breedijk (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)

Visions of Belle van Zuylen; Han Lorzing (Eindhoven University)

Hi Rise, I can See you; Frank van der Hoeven (Delft University)

Exploring the Visual Landscape ¬†is an initiative of Delft University of Technology, Landscape Architecture andWageningenUniversity, Centre for Geo-Information and is a follow up on the recently published book in the Research in Urbanism Series: ‚ÄėExploring the Visual Landscape. Advances in Physiognomic Landscape Research in theNetherlands‚Äô compiled and written by Steffen Nijhuis, Ron van Lammeren and Frank van der Hoeven (2011).

Download from Repository TU Delft:

Online purchase of a hardcopy of ‚ÄėExploring the Visual Landscape‚Äô

Financial support:
This colloquium is made possible by financial support of the Chair of Landscape Architecture and the Department of Urbanism  of the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology; the Chair of Geo-graphical Information Science of Wageningen University and The graduates schools Wageningen School of Social Sciences Studies (WASS) and Production Ecology and Resource Conservation (PERC), Wageningen University & Research.

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Posted by:Steffen Nijhuis