Dutch elections aren’t completely over yet, the exit polls have given their preliminary results, the outcomes of the big cities aren’t clear and the last votes are still to be counted, but the first lobbyists are making themselves ready to present their case at the political celebration soirees of the winning parties. Some more restrained lobby groups politely wait some days or weeks till the formation of a new cabinet actually takes shape but one can recognize the real successful and accurate powerhouses by the swiftness they make their moves. This election, I must say, the absolute winner was the climate lobby. And they made their point in a very compelling, poetic and original way. It rained and rained and rained over all these politicians of the last administration who had negated, downplayed or even ridiculed the climate problem.

Only two little faults I could find in this highly original action. First: It also rained on the politicians that were fighting for a better climate policy. Secondly, I’m afraid we were the only ones that saw the poetry of it all (were there other witnesses?). With some friends we were stepping out of a restaurant after a splendid dinner party when the rainstorm hit us. Under the umbrella we were deliberating whether to call a cab, go home by tram or bicycle and decided to consult the rain radar on the IPhone. We suddenly saw the sheer precision with which the action was executed.

The clouds of the forceful summer-storm not only mimicked the coastline of our country but also in the east and south (with neighboring countries with a sound climate policy) the precision rain bombardment restricted itself exactly to the Dutch territory. Even the open space of the IJsselmeer (no politicians there at that moment) is cut out of the cloud cover. The picture shows the operation some half an hour before complete coverage was reached over the guilty Netherlands. Limburg, close the formation! We’ll miss Blondy! Let it rain.

Posted by:Dirk Sijmons