Repository. 49 Methods and Assignments for Writing Urban Places is now online. The book, soon to be published by Nai 010 Publishers, is the result of over three years of intense collaboration within the framework of the European COST Action, Writing Urban Places, a diverse group of scholars in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban studies, literature, sociology and other disciplines interested in the value of local urban narratives.

The book gathers a series of methods and assignments born from a shared interest in urban narratives. What can narratives tell us about how communities relate to place? How can existing stories of place allow us to write new narratives for the city? How can we read the stories that are inscribed in streets, on walls, and in architectural details? How can archives unveil hidden stories of places and buildings, and of their makers and users? How can we write the city by using our senses? This Repository can be seen as an invitation, encouraging scholars, students, and spatial practitioners to explore 49 methods, and, through clearly laid out assignments, take them out into the field.

Posted by:Saskia de Wit